Mexico here we come

My first blog and a heart starter for myself to actually move from being a procrastinator to a producer of end results (whatever they may be).  Already I love this canvas – perhaps it will be like talking out loud, without raising the eyebrows or ire of those in close proximity by not saying it my thoughts aloud, or ham strung by the FB constraints.  Perhaps it will be sharing the stumbling and bumbling in the preparation for a much anticipated trip to Mexico mid-year.  Perhaps it will be a silent self-regulator – a journal of a journey; a chance to be the poet that’s in me, to stretch my self-confidence and share some fun along the way….even if it’s only sharing with me.  I’ve needed a prod and now here it is.

With January already relegated to a flipped calendar page and Hep A and Typhoid fever shots done and dusted, itinerary chosen and trip paid for, the anticipation is already building…..but so much to do and heaps to learn before lift-off.

Mexico…why Mexico?