2016 …tripping about

As you can see, the blur of Mexico, South Burnett, Fraser Island and New Zealand in 2015 was so great that my blogging bogged.

However I am making a valiant effort at travelling tales this year.


The whir of the overextended air con, the filtered light through the PB Hotel curtains, and the bathroom up the corridor are as close as I want to get to backpacking.

But – Certainly a step up from shared camping grounds…..especially as I have forgotten to pack my thongs.

Jan 7 and our first travel adventure for the New Year.  A chance to have time with our 85 year old matriach, Wally, started enjoyably at the Bulimba Cineplex watching Suffragette yesterday.  The aimiable crunch of the peppermint choc top was punctuated by the plaintive cry of a patron who had lost her companion to the depths of the Snoopy cinema.  Our whole audience cheered as Val was found!

The movie was a very harrowing glimpse in to the world of female inequality.  Thank goodness it doesn’t happen today.

Oops get out of that cheek, tongue!

Of course that first phase of the day had not taken us far, nor did the next stop…Yum Cha at Carindale.  I have a foodie desire for Yum Cha at least twice a year, and it has now been sated for a while.

On to the Gold Coast and a fun family catch up, the roast lamb dinner at the Currumbin Valley res of brother Blue and sister Sue…..Mory the temporary lodger enjoyed his bithday cake and cheer in what can only be described as a warm, whirlwind family.  Mary stayed for a sleepover, while Muz and I meandered back to the earlier mentioned room at Dodge.  How did that shared bathroom booking happen…hmmmm!

Well it’s a great chance to be on the beach early morning…..somone has to do it.  Love sarongs and board shorts – give a faux beach goer like me a sense of bonding with the locals, but only see the light of day maybe once a year.

My travlyn philosophy this year is Nobody here knows me, so what the hell..just do, eat, say, see, shop, pic and choose to my heart’s content and life will take care of the rest.