And so to Cherry Blossoms and another adventure


Only a week away from heading out, with kindred travelling souls, Tom and Lorry, to Tokyo.  A very unusual path lies ahead we fear…….unknown territory having booked with Trip A Deal.  Ratings later!

New undies, trusty Kindle and my intuitive packing for the various weathers we may encounter could prove to have been a good thing – or not.

After we buckle up, listen to the onboard movies, make intimate friends with a neck pillow and stretch aching cattle class limbs many hours later we will be there.  So many of our friends have shared their delight at Japan’s offerings and of course son, Ben had the pleasure of a Rotary Exchange there with four families in 1992, and loved it, so we know we are in for a travel treat.  This is very high on Muz’s bucket list!

Please come along for the ride.  My daughter keeps telling me how bad by photos are, but I will persist and you never know, I might get one or two worth sharing.


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