Tokyo fish markets

When market stalls meet eager tourists, good tastes happen.  After my favourite Asian breakfast of congee and fresh pineapple, my senses were really awakened at the fish markets.  Taste tests from the street stalls were too tempting and the range of dried squid, roasted soy beans, various seaweeds, fish sticks and sushi was outdone only  by the succulent seared scallops and the lingering taste of the fried figs, plums and cranberries we added to our bags.  Mobs of Saturday locals and foreign interlopers made for a rowdy start to our Tokyo touring. The sharpening of knives lead us to the tuna stalls where steel blades created cuts of tuna for discerning buyers.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo fish markets

  1. Great photos, Lyndall. We didn’t get to the fish markets, so your pictures are the next best thing!


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