Nikko National Park

Two and a half hours north of Tokyo is the World Heritage site  of Nikko.  Countryside dotted with highway noise barriers made viewing a bit of a challenge,  but there were interesting contrasts with the squishy apartment blocks of Tokyo as we saw patches of farming land……..but not an animal in sight. That is unless you count the many small variety dogs in bright spring fashions leading their owners at each spot we visited.


4 thoughts on “Nikko National Park

  1. Should be able to do more photos (you had 2 on the fish market post). Not sure what’s happening there. Looking forward to your Mt Fuji photos. The day we went was very poor visibility so I was very disappointed.

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  2. No, we are on a bus tour……..loads of room though which is good. The whole experience is great so far. Mt Fuji today and on to Kyoto tomorrow. TONS of tourists and locals for the Sakura Cherry Blossom season, but all quite entrancing.


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