Nara -no not Seaworld resort!

This Trip a Deal tour has had great hotel allocations.  This morning’s outlook was very enervating to start our long day, and last night’s dinner was an array of fine dining J style.  Even the 3 hour bus ride to Nara today was ok…..a lot of interesting roadside farms, industries, tea plantations,  tangerines  and “love hotels” along the way kept us entertained.  I even managed quite a few pages of current enovel The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza…good travel frothy fare.

NARA is another heritage city with plenty to see, and learn about.  The thousands of deer, though mangy and trying to coax or butt crackers from the tourists, are a legacy. of longlived Emperors and their foibles.  Once upon a time, if a sacred deer was found dead on your land or doorstep, you were done for!  Lead to a lot or neighbours conniving against each other and early morning reccies to check on status of deer on doorsteps.

I loved the Buddhist Temple. ….great wooden carvings, massive doors and a feeling of serenity despite the throngs…..ànd the walk through the park was under a canopy of Sakura blossoms…no wonder the brides want their photos here.  Avoiding the deer was easy as long as you didn’t give in to the temptation of feeding them.

Choices for lunches which are included in the package have been very edible and varied.  Today’s was a steamboat of very silken tofu  and chicken and pork and loads of vegies cooked in broth. ..all delicious, filling and catered to the range of dietary needs.

Kyoto  didn’t disappoint.  The wandering in search of geishas in the Gino heritage area was very much a  case of historical novels coming alive…and the architecture was very classical.  Shrines and a very dignified tea ceremony  were topped off by the night markets and bbq squid on a skewer…street food is certainly 20160405_160905fresh and healthy here. 20160405_134144

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