Not such a great visit as our cousin Babs came down with food poisoning on our first night together (dodgy Indian perhaps) and had to return home to Wales.  However Muz and I ploughed on valiantly and saw a fairly depressed city…lots of tram expansion, but little evidence of pride or caring for the place.

20160409_163817Old pubs and the Town Hall  and Science and Industry Museum were the highlights…….glad we had managed to get a visit to Eccles in Salford in for Muz to see where his Roberts rellies were and their St Mary’s church.  How disappointing for Babs and Derek.

The Cotton Empire……wonderful textile history.20160410_122956

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  1. Yep…..big difference. But feel right at home in Dublin now. Just arrived and off to supermarket….we are staying in a 2 bedroom apartment. …can cook for ourselves for a bit!


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