On the runway.

Life is full of doors……some opening, some closing.  Our life is a bit Whovian at the moment….yes, opening the Dr Who door. Within 2 weeks we have culled, cleaned, closed the doors at Granite Gully, and stored too much in sheds in Toowoomba. That was all we thought would be our domestic travelling until we left for warmer northern climes……but another door beckoned!

A fun weekend in Townsville saw a chance for Clan Forsyth to be represented at the Ceilidh dinner and the diverse parade, and for me to meet other Forsyth members who shine in Nth Qld.  Travelling that far for a weekend was too good a chance to miss to catch up with longtime friends Terry and Anne Smith, Dorothy and Sam Savage and Gail Baguley.  Thanks guys for the natters…..great to see everyone.  Wally, however, managed to scare the living lights out of us with a heart wobble…….have to go back to straighten that out next time.

So after that short run, it was obvious that a few days of relaxing was needed……Not to be!  A yellow door caught our eye.  After a house viewing on Saturday, we offered on a house in Toowoomba that we had been stalking for a couple of months 😃  Yes, you guessed it……it was accepted and with only 5 days to go, we have managed to stumble through the paperwork and pitfalls of purchasing.  Thank goodness for scans and emails and pleasant professionals.  So we now have a home to nest in when we return from the overseas tripping…. we hope!  Though there will be lots and lots of work ahead of us, it feels right.  Love the location, location, location.

Today we meet up with our jetsetting Dubai nieces and nephews at the Superheroes exhibition at Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane and Southbank before a final check of the luggage and then off to the first of many International Airports tomorrow and destination Vancouver.

Life is definitely for living!  Hope you enjoy coming on our journey with us.

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