ABC out of Oz

A was for Auckland..A+for arrival across the long white clouds and imagining the big hairy feet trampling The Shire across the rolling green landscape. Have to admit that the leg room and unfettered euphoria of gluten free food that was tasty, fresh and had real cutlery may have influenced my mood for the brief stopover in NZ.  Air New Zealand was AAA.  13.5 hours later and arrival at Vancouver was also A1……not as roomy, but certainly silver fern service.

B a small boo for my choice of boutique apartment……..bloody gets a B- for photo realism!  The kitchenette held the anticipation of cooked breakfasts before our daily excursions, but the only equipment was a ladle and not another implement, pot, pan or pepper in sight.  Poor choice, me!  But location in Robson street good……pigeon poo aside.  Local Greek Taverna saw our first fine meal and a pina colada followed by an ouzo mint helps the jetlag 😉  Prices are quite high and it will take a day or 2 to remember to add the tax and tip on!

C for Canada and culture – friendly people, easy walking, gentle accents and loads of foodie delights.  Found Fido for local SIM, bought a decent adaptor for Canada/US and we set off for our first Hop On Hop Off bus day trip.


Stanley Park has its rose season in full bloom…HUGE blooms, and masses of colour.  Over 1000 acres of park land and great shoreline views, activities, curiosities and so green.  The totems created to depict the First Nations living stories were awe-inspiring.  The forests of ancient trees and the backdrop of the still snow-capped mountains at every turn were very calming.

Cityscapes are planned ecofriendly with massive cypress hedges along the long avenues of distinctive and expensive homes, and there is an abundance of parks and green spaces where locals take full advantage of the sunshine, fast and healthy foods and plenty of cultural activities.  Monet’s exhibition beckons!

The water plays a big part in the vibe of the city, and the beaches hold many historical facts and features to enthrall and explain the 200 years of the development and many changes of the city.  Sculptures abound.  People love them!20170706_150111.jpg

We are subscribing to the slow tourist movement today and after an amble around the markets at Granville Island where the flavours of salmon and cheeses overwhelm the senses and the varieties of cherries seemed endless, we headed back to the bus and on to Gastown and its cobbled streets and Steam Clock….good timing as it sounded out its almost cartoonish notes just as we arrived.  Easing in to the longer walks…we have to pace ourselves for the weeks ahead.  Well that’s our story and Muz at least is sticking to it. #veryvancouver

Now for the night time stroll, choosing from the delish menus and getting ready for our move to the burbs tomorrow for 3 days of family time and learning about my great uncle and his Canadian life.

Thought I’d leave you with this bench plaque which shows the  long-term advertising strategy of one savvy dentist.20170706_092617

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    Thanks Lyndall. You’ve reminded me of all the wonderful things about Vancouver.


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