Who doesn’t like a Green Papaya Salad

It goes without saying that a multicultural city like Vancouver will have a zillion places to eat and drink all bearing cultural cuisine hallmarks.  After the Greek Taverna on our first night we decided to try the little Vietnamese up the road.20170706_185720.jpg

The simple addition of the cucumber strips in the water brought back the taste sensations of the cooking class we had so much fun with in Vietnam, so we had to compare the green papaya salad with  the 1one we had done.  Yummo with that fresh, light zingy crunch, and accompanied by prawn on sugarcane skewer and stuffed squid tube with saboury pork.

Couldn’t resist the tapioca, banana and cassava dessert to finish…..



Murray had savoured a range of interesting sockeye salmon tastes for lunch at Granville Island markets, while my green beans with spicy pork and nuts was just the ticket while keeping the giant seagulls at bay.

Now to walk it off in readiness for the next food adventure