That sort of a day!

What a way to start our day trip to Niagra.  The only cup I have had for ages too….😄


Enjoyed the ice wine tastings though…great wine country, scenery that Winston Churchill admired back in 1943 as the best Sunday afternoon drive he had ever taken.  The tastings were in the Wine Teaching College…tasty and a wide range of honey and bee products.  A very tasteful, and tasty, establishment teaching for the future.

Then on to the completely opulent and over-priced but picture book village of Niagra-on-the-Lake.  Got caught up in the hype of Prince William and Kate’s story about them having an ice cream at Cows…..mine was a salted toffee and Murray seems to have taken a shine to all things Maple.  He also savoured a hot Jamaican pastie, and butter tarts keep appearing in windows and on last night’s dinner menu.


A delightful streetscape with a penchant for cultural pursuits…we coincided with a George Bernard Shaw festival.

Souvenir City was the obligatory tour stop to quench a shopper’s thirst for kitch…….and Finn found a few friends.  Murray found fudge…yep Maple and Walnut!


Niagra itself was a fun place for kids and families, nature lovers and thrill seekers – that zipline looked a bit scary though!  The falls lived up to bucket list expectations and the squirrels entertained.  Muz gave the thumbs up to the lager as well. Apparently the overcast days present a better chance of seeing the mist……not really convinced re photo results however!