O for Ottawa

Yes, a Capital place!  Definitely put the shine back in to Canada for us after the tarnish of Toronto.

We loved the juxtaposition of olde world buildings and customs, and the contemporary architecture of the National Museum of Canada, the War Museum and the inner cityscape.  Walked ourselves everywhere in this very easy going and fairly compact metropolis……blisters to prove it.

Delicious omelette breakfast served in a memorabilia laden Victoriana b&b dining room really cranked the days up.  Thank you McGee’s Inn.  Each day at 10am in front of Parliament House, the British tradition of the changing of the Guard is reenacted for the hordes of  camera clicking tourists…and we were right in there.  A colourful highlight that’s for sure!

Over the Ottawa river to the War Museum with the large black car used by Hitler to create his illusion of grandeur and power…..you need a good map and sense of direction as the pathways of all the exhibits soon had Murray “amazed”….groan.

The National Museum of Canada was  inspiring!  I could have spent another whole day there…so much to see and chew over.  Wonderful exhibits and curating.  A bit of a shock to the Aussies though who are used to all public museums, art galleries etc being free entry.


Still looking for the book which will give us a whole picture of the Canadian history, and which is lightweight enough to carry (both physically and cerebrally – if there is such a word).  Thanks to Catherine Cox for her help with a reference for a weightier series which we will source upon our return home.


Am learning lots and lots, and looking forward to sharing these learnings in the Joining Together journey and modules.

Always helps to absorb all the cultural intakes over a refreshing cider or two.  Local food offerings at the Byward Markets all seem to have calorific intakes, but hey, when in Rome…….

O thank you Ottawa.  What was your O moment for Ottawa?