Montreal moments

Sure, Montreal will be a giant city with little heart they said.  Although it was a different experience from Ottawa, this is a city that must get under your skin.  Only a few hours before we arrived  by train in to Montreal, I received a surprise message from a second cousin back in Queensland to let me know that her son was living and working in  Montreal, loved it and was hoping to be able to get permanent residency in due course.  And as life deals up wonderful coincidences, he was working in an Irish pub not far from our Auberge digs.  (Great Inn by the way….superb breakfasts to fuel you up for the mammoth stair climbs across 2 buildings) Of course we planned a visit!  Well we have to eat somewhere is our foodie motto!


So Montreal turned on its charm, a bit of rainy weather and some quirky finds along the way.  I suddenly became very aware of the diversity of architectural styles all around us and managed to construct a few arty images during our walks.


Although there are comparatively not very many landmarks or cultural drawcards, there was the Musee des Beaux Arts….a diversion in to the art world from the numerous museums we had visited thus far.  The entrance fee to the museums rankles a bit with Aussies who are used to free access, and limited the numbers we chose to visit.  I have created a Dropbox file for the arty farty friends of the pieces that grabbed me, so as not to bore those not of that ilk.

But of course I will add my two stand out favourites …….a new artist called Tom Wesselman and the small marquettes or prototypes of the sculptures by Henry Moore….just superb!



And as we walked to McKibbins Irish pub (whose food and drinks we can heartily recommend) to meet Jai, we saw this great sign……so I’ll sign off with this thought.




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  1. I love Henri Moore. I studied him in high school and have loved him forever. New talent looks great. Keep your eye on that ☝️.. Louise



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