Thinking the Thinker

More discoveries in Philadelphia…….the smile on Murray’s face at the Rodin Museum was glowing.  The Burghers of Calais and Hell’s Gate as well as many originals comprise the largest collection outside Paris.  A beautiful park surrounds the museum.

The Bascilica of St Peter and St Paul is beautifully presented (costs $19,000 per week to maintain), and has a very calming ambiance.  Catholics and others alike find the atmosphere very comforting – whether religious or not.

Philly offers so much to visitors.  We discovered a true jewel for our final evening.  The driver on our tour to Lancaster County suggested we try Victor’s Cafe.  An institution with music lovers due to its historical association with the record company and the  famous music singers and recordings, Victor’s is a wonderful dining experience.  A menu of delicious Italian dishes served by Opera singers!!!!!  Arias new and old…….it was superb 😃  No photography was allowed 😔  Can totally recommend it 😀