A warm Welsh welcome

Self-catering travel can be a hit and miss affair, but we have hit the jackpot in Wales.  Having the base in Bristol as our retreat each night has been a haven.  Although it means a bit of a drive to get across the bridge (plus 6 pounds 70p toll) each morning, the bonus of having the space, the kitchen and laundry to come back to is well worth it.  Aah the smell and comfort of clean clothes, a familiar meal and the space to put your feet up is a joy!


So Wales has meant a mix of family catch ups and the chance to see beyond the towns along the Welsh coastline around Barry.  Local knowledge wins hands down!  My Irish rellies who now live in Barry,  and Murray’s Welsh cousins from Swansea have been memory builders in the most generous way.


Short distances between traditional villages with ccontemporary businesses means Wales is very accessible.  The car almost knows the way by itself now!  The many pubs have provided relaxing times for generations and  we didn’t want to let the traditions down, so we have memories of cool, dark rooms, colourful planters and extensive food offerings plying beer and cider to allcomers.

Welsh generosity is outstanding.