2018 adventures begin with GC2018

FB_IMG_1521013911040Yaama  (Jelingi) – welcome

With the garden in the new abode needing to be nurtured, our 2018 travel has been limited to local trips to hardware stores and plant nurseries, and the ongoing weekly stints at work in Ipswich, or the pleasant visits to see Mum in her comfy new unit.  However, we did venture with grandchildren in tow to a very fill day at GC2018 – swimming, hockey and a variety of athletics on the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games.  A pleasant taste of light rail convenience.

Pounding the treadmill on a daily basis has been a goal to gain the fitness lacking for the imminent trip to the tourist bucket list in South America.  Well it was a solid start and with 10 days to go until we depart, I am still confident of reaching the 7.5 kms a day target.  Machu Pichu here we come!



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  1. Hi Lyndall — Lovely to hear from you and to know that you are still thriving on the travel bug. All the best with your upcoming trip. I hope there will be updates coming to us from along the way. ……. Elaine and Vern


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