To bidet or not to bidet?

Overseas travelling on holidays is ……..whatever you make it.

32.5 hours from door to destination was a combination of car, taxi, train, domestic flight, international flight through some turbulence around NZ – maybe something to do with sporting rivalry, transit – a looong transit in Chile’s Santiago airport due to a LATAM air strike, then a re routed flight to Mendoza in Argentina, then a domestic flight to Buenos Aires, a private transfer bus pickup and then the very pleasant hotel midnight check in……phew!  Hola!  Bidet included.

I think perhaps flightless birds made a voluntary evolutionary leap when confronted with the prospect of long haul flight….🤣

However, thanks to the amazing persistence of our LSF (Long Suffering Friends and travel companions on this adventure), Lorry and Tom, and Lorry’s many conversations with the travel agents, we have come to the Ricoleta quarter in BA unscathed and have now bludgeoned our body clocks in to thinking we are back on track.  We look out on a watery weekend here, but are grateful for the International Date Line and the chance to gain time to shake off the jet trail of exhaustion, and make the most of the next few days here.

Positives so far:

🛫 Qantas had a yummy gf hamburger……and heaps of gf options – my how times have changed; LSM Muz bought the latest Jo Nesbo crime thriller Macbeth ;  caught up on The Last Jedi; Goodbye Christopher Robyn and Call me by Your Name – an eclectic mix that’s for sure.

🎁  brought my first pair of handcrafted colourful Argentinian ear rings at the markets; amazed by the fine crafting of beautiful boxes made from carved orange peel – smelt so good.

🌻 beautiful parks, unusual trees, massive old trees, Parisien feel to the streets


🍦ice creams, the comfort of standard hotel breakfast, easy dinner choices, drinks

🕍Ricoleta Cemetery – the wow factor – huge mausoleums, monuments to the military, political and religious founders of BA; followed the line of Eva Peron de Duarte (Evita) devotees to her family grave; and enjoyed Muz’s art lesson on the different designs and styles of the vaults and sculptures.

6 thoughts on “To bidet or not to bidet?

    • Would have loved to, but felt a bit sad that I couldn’t buy one due to Aussie customs regs, so chose not to intrude with the camera……but they were almost like soft leather and the carved designs were inticate


  1. Not to get too personal, but I reckon a bidet is the ultimate luxury. It reminds me of Crocodile Dundee’s incredulity at the function of that piece of equipment in his New York hotel. Talk about the insularity of the Aussie tourist. We do, however, have some redeeming aspects.
    We are probably the only ones in the world who think it’s OK to travel for 32 hours to reach a destination. In true Aussie style, you’ve hit the ground running, with not a moment to waste. I’ve a couple more positives to add to your list.
    1. Being able to get up in the morning after a midnight checkin, and start checking out the sights. I salute you!
    2. Finding the positives in such a long journey. Yes it is a positive to be positive and more travellers should learn this. I can’t imagine tourists from other places (not to name names, but I’m thinking of a country far to the north of where you are) coping with this kind of gruelling itinerary.

    I positively look forward to more of your updates.

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