Golly galoshes

Really could have done with a pair yesterday to sidestep the flash flooded footpaths and the debris around the place in BA…..quite a storm during the night.

Undeterred by the constant dripping and drizzling Sunday, we managed to find a few city highlights via Emiliano’s guiding….though he would have much preferred to have been home out of the rain methinks.

The legacy of Pope Francis when a Bishop for many decades at San Martin’s working with the homeless and down trodden is still evident…the homelessness is still here and the stormy weather makes it even more disheartening within cooee of the Pink Palace facade of the seat of government.

Green herbal tea (Mate) drunk through a straw, chocolates and Argentinian rose stone jewellery and leather shoes, dulce de leche (condensed milk with chocolate or cocoa or caramel in big jars – was only allowed to buy 1 jar).  Always fun to bite in to the local taste delights.

Then headed to La Boca district – a far cry from the grandissement of the Recoleta district with its upmarket stores and prices, this district cries working class history, boasts a soccer culture that clings to the very fabric of family life and offers a glimpse in to the disparity of wealth in BA.  Large, colourful murals depict the heroes and sense of community, and draw the eye away from the struggles of the underclasses.  Sadly the eye can’t avoid the mountain of environmental pollution in the river though.


We found our way to the art gallery and spent a couple of hours checking whether Rodin had finished any more of his sculptures and  soaking in some of the renaissance to romanticism masters.  The parks are full of public art pieces and full of wonderful trees…and get lots of use.

Last night was a tango show – very entertaining, but a tad long and repetitive, or it could just have been age creeping up.  Tasting local steak and malbec was fun, but we all wondered how the male dancers managed to execute the side kicks without  mangling their genitals.  Late night for us early risers.  No tango photos of us to share 🤣

received_1763457377026291The sun  broke through this morning (Monday, but a public holiday – expecting rallies and marches like at home for Labour Day.)  So we finally got to see what this rather beaut city looks like.  We have taken a bus tour north of the city to Tigre via the cathedral at Ferdinand and boated in the channels of the widest river in the world.  Here the stilt homes are on the islands formed from sediment in the delta and the boats with water, groceries, medics, garbage collectors (sorely needed) etc ply their trades.  A very different lifestyle!  Loads of rowers and kayaks on the water reflect the love of sport of the Argentinians.

Our short, soggy stay here has been very enjoyable.  Ciao Buenos Aires!






2 thoughts on “Golly galoshes

  1. Firstly Lyndall, I am very disappointed that you didn’t allow yourself more than one jar of gooey, glossy, golden Dulce de Leche. (See what I did there with some “g” alliteration?) Because I know nothing about this delectable-sounding, calorie-rich taste sensation, I turned to Google. Believe it or not, you can buy a pack of 6 Mini-magnum icecreams in the all-new flavour of … yes, you guessed it … dulce de leche. I so wish I hadn’t found out about this. It will be a temptation at the Pottsville IGA, where we buy plain Mini-magnums as our apres-swim treat.
    Fascinated by Rodin’s sculptures, I checked out Google again. I guess he didn’t finish “Gates of Hell”, because he never wanted to use them to get where he wanted to go. Unfinished works aside, imagine Rodin today, and what he could do with a 3-D printer.
    Google went into overtime again and I found out about malbec. Luckily I’m over red wine or that might have been another enticement I can do without.
    Reverence for the arts gets a big tick from me, but thumbs down to that pollution and poverty.
    A final comment … why no tango photos?
    A final question … what fruit is on those trees? Jackfruit? Durian? Oversize mangoes?

    Goodbye, galloping globe-trotters.

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    • I salute your glorious gs……..no tango photos as there was no audience participation 😣 But stay tuned for a possible thong shot on Copacabana beach when we arrive there today……omg!
      Pods on the trees were like kapok, but I need to get the What Plant is that? App to start the identification of this continental drift’s evolutionary differences.
      You are wise to steer clear of the dulce…too addictive by far! Had the asado ( another google challenge for you) last night and the charred kidneys, intestines and monstrous beef ribs were all cholesterol charged and sooooooo delicious.
      Now on to the Portugese pleasures…..Ciao bella!


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