Looking for Lola!

Leaving subtle, polite, friendly BA, the musical notes of many Rio songs started to become louder in this poor traveller’s brain.  So we are now in search of the elusive Lola in Rio.

The initial impression was a happy, sunny one in the company of a chirpy transit guide through the city to reach our hotel one block back from Copacabana beach.  Pink Floyd would have been unimpressed by the wall of hotels stretching as far as the eye can see along this famous white sand crescent.  Unimaginative architecture designed to cram more bodies in to a landscape ringed by the most impressive geological structures.  The city of contrasts!

Thousands and thousands of people on the beach…….and I salute the lack of self-consciousness.  All shapes, sizes, colours, ages and costumes – and us peoplewatching from the shade of the umbrella with a cold drink!  The anticipated beach volleyball, buff males and youthful butts flossed by colourful thongs, promenading, cyclists and dog walkers did not disappoint.  Copacabana summed up.


Then came the hunt for the elusive ATM that worked.  Local coin is needed to buy the street food – tapioca pancakes with a variety of fillings, herb rolled haloumi cheese on sticks, hot dogs etc.  Only 2 years since the Olympics and the footpaths and streetscapes are weary and worn though.

Once the sun set and the public holiday makers left……..rubbish remained…….the night brought a warm ambience …….rubbish no longer visible…. and we shared a wonderfully tender  and flavoursome seafood paella and wine at a beachside restaurant.  Life is sooooo blessed.

Yes, even the waft of sewerage struggling to cope with the millions and millions of city dwellers or tourists is the reality of a raw Rio.  Bring on tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Looking for Lola!

  1. Looking at these photos got me thinking about Pottsville Beach. What a contrast. Crisp clean sand that hasn’t had a million footprints tramping the life from it. Water that’s as clear and pure as it was thousands of years ago. The beachfront unsullied by food stalls and their composite of smells. And the piece de resistance – a stretch of open, uncrowded beach, giving an illusion of remoteness and isolation.

    Still, Copacabana’s convenient supply of yummy food and drinks is a bonus, along with the added entertainment of people-watching. I assume it’s not a pre-requisite to have a well-toned body before peeling down to a scrap of fabric, loosely resembling a piece of clothing. There’s more flesh than fabric on that beach! And your photograph of the pile of chairs? Or is it the poseur nearby you wanted to capture? I amused myself thinking about how you had to quickly get the shot before she turned around and caught you.

    I wonder if you found Lola at the “copa … copacabana”?

    P.S The “exercising” guy in your photo is just a showoff.

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    • Spot on with your assessments of the poseurs! 🤣 strangely, yesterday morning the beach was cleared of people and rubbish and looked invitingly white and clean….but definitely no pristine Pottsville! Today we will walk to the Historic Museum at the headland. The foodie experiences have been fun here though – today we search for tapioca pancakes after a Brazilian bbq lunch yesterday that went beyond the realms of sufficient….almost turned me to a meatless moment – almost!
      PS Am missing the bracing fresh air of our garden qi exercises, non-cigarette smoke breathing, and daily stretch out walking, so today might make up for that. Probably won’t be able to move tomorrow….lol!


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