Rocking in Rio

Well, what a diverse and dominating city!

Taking a bus tour gave us tunnels and traffic; cable cars and Christ the Redeemer; tawdry souvenirs and towering cathedral; panoramic views and poverty; grafitti and gouged footpaths; concrete canyons and cascading plants; flowers and favelas; Sugar Loaf and Soccer Stadium; smells sensational and seedy; colours and carnivale; clouds and then clear; Portugese styles and people galore….and a massive bbq lunch of every meat and salad imaginable.

What a diverse and dominating day!  The pics say it better!  Had to recover with a few “end of day drinks” on the hotel rooftop pool deck and bar. 🍹Life is for living!


One thought on “Rocking in Rio

  1. I’ve never been to Rio, not South America at all, so I’m enjoying your photos Lyndall. The Christ the Redeemer statue has always fascinated me … that it was conceived by someone who had the temerity to believe that a towering statue above the city was even possible, let alone an icon that now seems just right for the landscape. Happy travels.

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