Iguazu – found a few words

For one of the modern wonders of the world, Iguassu (Brazilian) /Iguazu (Argentinian) sides has to share a common wow factor.  It got me thinking about the top places that have taken my breath away (for whatever reason).

Here in no particular ranking, are my personal Mother Nature favourites:

.  Iguazu Falls

.  The Cliffs of Moher

.  The Rockies

.  Grand Canyon

.  Death Valley

.  Cappadocia

.  Crete

.  Amalfi Coast


Aussie Spots:

.  Purnululu

.  Horizontal Waterfall

.  Uluru

.  Great Barrier Reef

.  Girraween National Park

And every coastline, river and bush that I love in this wide brown land……


Man Made:

.  Petra

.  The Pyramids

.  The Cafe at the Top of the World – Jordan

.  Pompeii

.  Meteora

.  Tetuochan, Mexico

.  Macch Picchu – only 1 day before I see this!

We have reached Ollantaytambu in Peru, and connections are dodgy…….catch up when we are back in Cusco.

2 thoughts on “Iguazu – found a few words

  1. Here are my Mother Nature favourites:
    The Rockies
    Fjords, glaciers and icebergs of Alaska
    Khao Phing Kan (James Bond Island) before the onslaught of tourists.
    Victoria Falls
    The Serengeti

    I totally agree with your Aussie spots with the addition of Pottsville Beach. There are so many! And I will have to put the Horizontal Falls on my must-visit list.

    I haven’t seen any of your Man Made top spots, so will have to be content with internet photos for the time being. However, it did take my breath away in a different manner, when I visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan. So moving, and in complete contrast to the Pearl Harbour “experience” in Hawaii, a commercialised venture, albeit with a mass of exhibits and information.

    Safe travels,

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