2 thoughts on “20180510_104251

  1. What a strange little town, but intriguing enough for me to google it. A town that exists to cater for travellers’ needs. A railway line straight through the middle for the convenience of moving travellers in and out. Massages and hot tubs to soothe those aching muscles. Higgledy piggledy streets and laneways. Buildings tacked onto the sides of the mountains. It’s a fascinating world we live in.


    • Not one jot of WHS…….BUT very very determined to carve out a thriving tourist industry. The wifi here is quite strong, so might manage to catch up on the Cusco experience and today’s 10 hour bus ride to Puno. I bet you can even hear the very loud concert happening outside….lol! But the view looking over Lake Titicaca is superb and the only reason we are suffering through the altitude headaches etc….lol!


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