La Paz – city of contrasts

Traffic – chaotic!  Not Bangkok or Vietnamese planned chaotic, but honking, merging, no rules chaotic, steep and narrow, cobblestones and speed bumps ( why ???!!!!)


Cable Cars – people movers extraordinaire – wonderful public transport system.  Fast, efficent Austrian/Swiss made, continually expanding, great tourist attraction

High points and low points – where the rich live in the lower sections of the 500m cauldron-like drop from Il Alto because its warmer; military police everywhere; presidential power plays

The Valley of the Moon – Arizona type landscape with great views of the city – even the iconic cactus thrown in

Lookouts – the primary school with kids playing and laughing was music to the ears; magnificent views of the cable car system and the hills absolutely jammed with houses

Colonial daze – cathedrals and plazas, pigeons and politics, chantilly jellos and mini buses everywhere, mosaic streets; indigenous survival

Witches Market – fun to see how the beliefs underpin daily life and keep culture alive

Vibrant and a great place to visit!  Walkies today to the central district churches and galleries, then resting up for the flight to sea level in Chile – that will certainly be a contrast after our high altitude adventures!