Pre-cruise conference – got to be keen or crazy!

Yes…we actually spent today at a Pre-cruise comference at the Seattle Public library.  I chose the stream on DNA and its many uses and strategies for making the most of the costly tests……..amazing how much a single spit can tell. LSM took the Irish stream and we will have lots of googling to do when we get home!

The library is an architectural highlight on 4th Ave….and only a block down from our digs….bonus! As was LSM winning one of the prize draws of a $50 evoucher for something from the catalogue of genealogist delights.

The weather has been kind and is quite mild at night, though the motorway outside the window makes for interesting background music.  Lots of quirky street encounters – a fun city to visit.  We will be back for a couple of days after the cruise.

Anyway it was a good day and so our learning journey continues.  We head to Pier 91 tomorrow to embark on The Explorer of the Seas for what will be a busy and entertaining week.  Back to packing the suitcase.

Ciao for now!

2 thoughts on “Pre-cruise conference – got to be keen or crazy!

  1. Okay, you got me straightaway with the Seattle Public Library … certainly has the wow-factor. The genealogy industry is flourishing, and it somehow seems appropriate to have a genealogy conference on a cruise in a place where glaciers have existed since the ice age. Not saying that the dollop of spit can take you back that far, but there’s an agelessness about glacial landscapes that inspire ruminations about “the past”. Enjoy the conference, and indulge your obsession with delving into “the past” that is yours.


    • Hi Shirley….you would be proud of my stamina in sitting through the history of Germany from Roman times to WW2 without going crazy at the changes of borders and maps. It is the most invigorating combination of brisk, bumpy weather, interesting speakers and topics and cruise ship activities. Quite fun! We dock in Juneau tomorrow!


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