Travelling to the Past

Well the force is strong in me to understand my roots; to live in the present knowing where I have come from and leave my story for those coming ahead.   So of course I was excited to see the Unlock the Past cruise offering where a genealogy conference was embedded in to a cruise from Seattle to Alaska and back.  I convinced a reluctant long suffering mate (LSM) but complete genealogy devotee, that it is the Inside Passage and wouldn’t be rough……and having so many tourists on board would not be a problem…….and have had to live for 15 months with the lingering doubt that perhaps it would be a tad bumpy and yes, 1000 people on the ship would be a bit overwhelming for someone who loves and lives his own company so much.

But we are here in Seattle, I have LSM as a travelling companion in tow and we have been renewing our inner Seattle sites.  Hilly, hilly, hilly……..but the walking challenge has helped shake off the excesses of airline cabin crush and we enjoyed the Pike Pier markets and picnic yesterday.  You know my images are well intended but not very polished, so please share along with this little adventure if you feel like it…..ignore the blurred pics (just click on the individual images to see the details) and comment as you like.


The fish throwing and vast arrays of every conceivable market product were much the same as we remembered…and just as enjoyable.  LSM was adjusting to the crowds with a distinct lack of enthusiasm I might add.  However his taste buds exploded when we saw the cheeses being made and the lemon poppy seed muffin and my vegan coconut gf choc chip cookie …lol…. went down a treat at our little lunchtime picnic overlooking the Seattle Pier.  We then meandered around the streets, did the IGA shop on the way back to the airbnb….which we would highly recommend if anyone wants the details.


2 thoughts on “Travelling to the Past

  1. Yippee! Another Travlyn trip to follow. Crackin’ crayfish, talking monk-fish, and market mayhem. The only thing missing in these pictures is the smell.


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