Oh I do like to be beside the Seattle side

Back on land and checking out the infamous side of Seattle’s history before we head back home.

The Baroness Hotel up the steep, steep hill of 9th Ave and Spring St was a classic art deco example and the old-fashioned elevator is a highlight.  The friendly staff allowed us to  hwck in early, so we caught a few zzzs and studied the city centre map before we took off around the streets.  The architecture is womderfully diverse.  Back past the library on 5th Ave, then a few blocks to James St, we counted many varied styles and marvelled at the forward thinking city designers who had permitted such an array.

There were many familiar international franchises and some local stores as well.  Then we reached the section of the old town and the numners of homeless swelled and the street performers held sway.  The queue of lunchtime hungries for the pasta shop and the Busker of the Day were entertaining.

Then to the history of the Seattle Fire and the rebuilding

of the lower shoreline sections of the town via the Underground Tour.  Loads of witticisms and anecdotes of the characters and the customs meant a lively time spent climbing up and down the stairs to see the town as it was after the fire completely destroyed the area.  Musty and dusty and dank in places where banks once thrived, the ‘seamstress” tax kept the rebuild possible and where movies used the spaces for sets, but certainly very interesting and entertaining being under the feet of modern shoppers walking above us on the old skylights.

The whole area held imaginative glimpses of  bygone eras, and quite futuristic fashion outlets have sprung up – quite a swish on the men’s kilts!

And with a slow swish we strolled around gawping like the tourists we are and climbed back to our digs, and Happy Hour, happy to have made it! then later dinner at the Inn at Victoria Mansions – the historic sister hotel across the road from ours.

Another Seattle discovery day awaits…….