Seattle farewell

A day to kill.  Toilet gurgling close to the top of the bowl for 15 minutes certainly took us by surprise this morning….so we chickened out and went to breakfast and it had fixed itself by the time we got back and checked out….phew!  So we stowed the luggage and headed back down the hill and enjoyed the fewer Saturday traffic snarls.  Again the streets yielded up some history – this time about the Ice Arena and its  modern coffee reincarnation.20180915_111435

We enjoyed the short trip on the monorail from The Westlake shopping mall to the Science old Expo precinct.  We had previously loved the Chihuly glass extravaganza and the Space Needle, so we strolled down to the Bill and Melinda Gates Discovery Centre and marvelled at the simple, effective inventions and support which are changing the face of poverty around the world……just inspiring!


Thanks to everyone making the difference!

The amazing MOPOP…Museum of Popular Culture…….was a few hours of music, movies, sci fi and gaming WOW!  Hope you enjoy the cnallenge of identifying the collage of Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix, fantasy, sci fi, games and more below!

How did you go?

And so we monorailed back…and now boarding… See you in Brissi20180915_141428e