Travlyn Tips – Reading

Plenty of reading material while travelling is a must.

Luckily, my kindle is stocked with a variety of good reads….and it doesn’t need wifi 😊….but how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

Airport book outlets are expensive, repetitive, and often crowded both on the shelves and in the aisles……so imagine my delight when I had a link shared to a new blog site which is a taste tempter.  It is a delightfully refreshing look at a few categories enjoyed by this lifelong literary lover, Shirley Chambers.

It offers a manageable number of short blurb-like insights – because let’s be honest, how many books can I stockpile (either beside the bed, in the home bookshelves, or ebooking)…..and never really get to.

I like the fact that Shirley makes selecting good reads very much stressfree for me, and more likely that I will kindle it and actually read it……..and those wee hours in woozy timezones while travelling need good reading companions.

Thanks Shirley

Give it a look……


2 thoughts on “Travlyn Tips – Reading

  1. Thanks Lyndall. It’s early days yet, and I’m keen to hear from anyone who has suggestions about other things I could add. I’m already thinking, perhaps, my favourite quotes from the books. Shirley


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