Early morning walk in Narrabri was going well until I was challenged by a large black dog about 4 kms in to a gutsy striding out.  He was looking mighty hungry for a set to, but when he got closer he must have realised I was a bit too old and tough, so eventually he stood down.  Took a bit of the warm glow off the sunrise, though my tingling nerves were calmed by the sight of the community coffee shop on Cooma Rd- The  Cat’s Meow.

Coonabarabran’s rest area with its geese and silos is a good spot to stop and stretch. Watch the geese droppings, Richard.  Watching the geese droppings, Hyacinth.  VALE Clive Swift.


Heading south after reloading all our self-catering gear (I swear there is nothing left back home to steal), we spent a good deal of quiet morning musing time until we were caught offguard by Cactusworld at Gilgandra.  What a collection of alien shaped and textured specimen!   But Closed!



Luncheon picnic at the Memorial Park at Peak Hill was memorable for finding 4 mature Irish Strawberry trees in the well tended grounds.  We had grown one at Stanthorpe and were intigued by the hanging fruit.





Then we found ourseleves in familiar territory as we drove past the Dubbo Zoo where we had a great holiday with 3 of the grand children a few years ago.  We saw The Dish outside Parkes and then had to stop and gaze goggle-eyed at the collection of garden gnomes and kitch ornaments at Alectown.


A slight detour in to Forbes was called for where the delightful Sarah and JP Kelly at the Shire Council office helped me out with some work related paperwork needing signing…such a helpful bunch.  Country folk – you can’t fault their generosity.

Not long after leaving Forbes we came across a large herd of cattle grazing and lazing in the famous Long Paddock beside the highway.  Docile enough, and staying off the road, the herd stretched for about a kilometre.


And so on through an almighty dust storm and then a pounding of a huge rain storm before we made it to our Day 2 destination – West Wyalong.  Shades of a bygone Art Deco era in its heritage buildings, so we wandered the main street past Thoms Corner  and sensed the struggle for survival in another western country town.




After a thundering downpour earlier this evening my morning exploration of the local Wetlands Boardwalk tomorrow might actually be wet.  Heard the devastating news tonight of the flooding of my cousins’ property near Cloncurry, so not all rain is good rain.😢