Ballarat Bound

Fresh morning walk saw lots of special places and memorials around Bendigo after the night out.  At the top of the Arts complex through Rosalind Park there is the unusual glass family tree of Sydney Myer commemorating the establishment of the first Myer store.  Beautiful intricate etchings glowing in the suns zrays. There are loads of colourful, decorative and historic sights including the Catholic Cathedral – the third largest in Australia with a statue of Mary McKillop at the front.


Central CBD is bustling in the mornings with most large name franchises still operating alongside more boutique shops and a range of eateries.  It feels as if the city has not sold its heart to the suburban sprawl of repeated shopping centres.  Well done, Bendigo.

A dreary sky, but a determination to see as much as possi20190212_113023ble saw us drive the 20 minutes to The Great Stupa.  Still a work in progress, the Stupa is 50 metres square at its base and 50 metres high.  The bell shaped stupa to grace the top is planned for Nov 2020.  An impressive and peaceful retreat and Buddhist safe haven.

Castlemaine, Daylesford……..nice trek, and found the Lost Children Cairn and memorial track.  Sad incident of the mid- 1800s when 3 children who wandered off and got lost miles from home, and were found deceased in the hollow tree trunk after an extensive search.

Ballarat – an history in all parts.  We spent a long time exploring the Eureka Centre.  Not only the outline of the incidents in 1854 which lead to the democratic acknowledgment of the rights and needs of workers, but the story of the iconic flag and its restoration were truly fascinating.  Worth a google, folks!

The area close to the Centre was where Murray went to his Simcocks reunion a few years ago, and the tiny hall close to the park and the motel for the next 3 nights will be a good walking base in the mornings.