Coasting along- Eden to Goulburn

Life on the road going north has been a lot more unscripted and certainly unknown territory.  Passing through many historic villages, sprawling larger towns and familiar franchises, we felt the familiarity of Queensland coastal scenes and really enjoyed the green dairy country supporting the cheese industry.

Coastal coasting – obligatory fish and chips……quirky shop with dehydrated shark for dog treats.

Forgot about the southern penchant for battered fish – grilled is definitely the go!


Drove along the silt jetties…, pelicans, black swans and peaceful water lappimg.  Something a bit different.


Bodalla was a favourite stop.  Something about the gumleaf smoked cheese, the green grass, the interesting viewing windows of the cheese factory, the smoked ice cream or the haul of bush tucker club cheeses which became the lunch treat.  Yum!



Kiama – the Little Blow Hole, beautiful picnic views AND running in to Clan Forsyth cousins Debbie Jack and Monique Ashton…would you believe it!

Bridges, boats and beaches….all very interesting in their own ways.


Then it was up the McKenzie Pass.  8 kms of winding and often hairpin bends, through the cool, shady turns and then the open dairy country down the other side.


Did you know there is a Pie Trail on these southern Highlands?  Stopping at the famous Robertson Pie Shop was a sensory treat……..LSM and his apple and cream pie and the smell of the pies in the car til we got to homebase in Goulburn was a bit tempting.  The gluten free pie was $8.90!!  Not an everyday item then.

And so we bunkered down in Goulburn close to the Big Merino…….what could be more Australian as we bit in to the pies!