Packing Kindle

With 24 hours to go before we journey beyond the home garden it is time to make the hardest decision of the prep……..what to put on the Kindle.

Packing clothes and decluttering and dusting the house ready for the sitters was a cinch compared to this.

So here endeth the dilemma…..I think.

For the 14 hours to Dubai, and 7 hours to Dublin;

.  Light thriller-type fluff as relief between the movie selection

#  Lethal Streets – Will Rayner

#  Eden Burning – Deidre Quiery

#  The Girl Before – JP Delaney

#  Where There’s a Will –  Alex R Carver

For the nights and restless early mornings in b&bs in Ireland waiting for the dawn:

€  Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

€  Tread Softly on My Dream – Gretta Curran Browne

For the moments of reflection in Scotland:

£  The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (finishing it)

For the moments of solitude in Malta:

🌻  Lonely Planet Malta and Gozo

🌻  Dark Emu – Bruce Pascoe

🌻  (Finishing the powerful) Too Much Lip – Melissa Lucashenko

🌻  The Australian Dream Quarterly Essay – Stan Grant

For the vibrancy of Morocco:

😎  Growing up Aboriginal in Australia – Dr Anita Heiss

😎  Enough – John Bogle

😎  The Crying Place – Lila Hill

And back to the thrillers on the long haul sardine flight back to the garden city.

🤔  The Accidental Audience

  • And if I am having trouble sleeping then A Short History of Financial Euphoria should do the trick 🤣

Should keep any bookish boredom at bay….😁🙌☘

3 thoughts on “Packing Kindle

  1. Very impressive organisation! I recognise a few of the books on your list. The Girl Before is definitely in the right category, and The Crying Place is also a book I enjoyed. I didn’t put Too Much Lip on my to-read list even though it’s just won the Miles Franklin. I was so disappointed that Boy Swallows Universe didn’t make the Shortlist. Tread Softly on my Dream has piqued my interest, as has Enough. Dark Emu has just appeared on my radar, with the publication of a junior version. That’s another one on my list. So many books, so little time. Enjoy your trip!

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    • Enough is another finance theme – felt I needed to up my fiscal knowledge much more. Expecting plenty of time to be able to delve in to the mysteries of why I spend …..😣

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