Galway never disappoints

Like coming back to a familiar friend, Galway has the traditional charm of the Gaelic west, with the contemporary vibe of the future in its alleyways.

This is my springboard in to the Aran Isles tomorrow, so it was a cruisy 2 hour bus ride from Dublin, then a jam-packed roam around the Claddagh.

Not so much green once we passed the rolling fields of Kildare and Meath……in fact the weather has been a bit grey and showery, with tiny bits of sunshine trying hard to break through.  Nothing seems to dampen the spirits here though.  Here is G6 (Green No 6).


So it was lunch of traditional lamb stew in Riordan’s cafe where a piece of the original city wall fortification was revealed during renovations in 2001.   The author of The Playboy of the Western World, John Millington Synge, often ate here.  Must have liked potatoes as there were 3 types on my plate (and chips wasn’t one of them!)

Book lovers have Charlie Byrnes and Kenny Bookstores (internationally renowned) to indulge their bookish bent.  I grabbed a €2 bargain with a Janet Evanovich find…..for those times when charging the Kindle has been forgotten.  Any excuse!

LSM is spending the next 3 days researching at the Hardiman Library and elsewhere for his Simcocks roots, while I explore the islands……..sadly it is minus my walking buddy, Jenny W, who broke her ankle in 2 places and is recovering back in Queensland.  LSM kindly stepped in to chauffeur me to various loop and cliff walks up the Wild Atlantic Way once I am back on the mainland.  Thanks Muz 💚☘👣

So it is farewell to Galway tomorrow early as I take the bus to Rossveal then the ferry across the wild Atlantic…….probably holding on to my hat!

…..and leaving LSM to anticipate his next moves around Eyre Square and beyond.20190806_132225