Murrisk then Achill

After the spiritual start to the day, I strolled around Murrisk.  The shining little local school was a feature, as was the National Famine Monument and Peace Park.  So sad, but beautifully captured in sculpture and respectfully remembered.  As the many tourists and pilgrims rolled in, we rolled out and up to the Achill Island WAW drive.

Cloudy but fine….without meatballs…..

The drive to Achill and the WAW around the peninsular was really picturesque.  A great way to spend a day!  Not having had breakfast before the climb, I was also on the lookout for some more Irish fare.

Some of the drive highlights were the stunning changes in the coastline, history of the Spanish Armada and the many shipwrecks, clifftop photo opps, rainbow markings on the sheep, the peat gathering for fuel, and Ted’s Pub……  Enjoy the idyllic scenery.


Absolutely gorgeous display of hydrangeas…..blows my theory of acidic or alkaline soils changing the colours when one bush here has multi-colours.

Snuck in a good poke around Grace’s Achill castle fortress….in heaven


our next b&b?


and we parked our biked (butts) at Ted’s for a great pub lunch……then on to Whitestream House in Ballina.

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  1. The Famine was such a tragic time In Ireland’s history, and it’s well-featured in tourism spots. A time never to be forgotten.
    PS – methinks your “next b&b” might be a bit drafty. Let’s hope the real one was comfortable and warm. But such an iconic Irish cottage.

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