Stone the Croagh

Sunday morning pilgrimage to St Patrick’s fasting and meditation spot at Murrisk. The orange native orchid-like plants set the overcast drive alive.


Our early start paid dividends:- the choice of any car park; the chance to climb at my slow pace without impeding others; and that dull but morning but clear sky and no rain for a few pics.

This blog is dedicated to Jennifer Wills.  Jenny and I would have been doing this walk together, but it was not to be.  So Jenny, here is my small but genuine gesture of friendship to you.  Wish you could have been here!

To all my other friends who share the spiritual links to St Patrick, this is also for you.20190811_083824





The path way up ahead…….I climbed for about 45 minutes, reached a fair distance, then returned when the numbers of climbers started to become heavy.


the path goes through private farming land occupied by the sheep silhouted along the ridge.

A very challenging spiritual experience, especially for a non Catholic without a background in the faith.

Slainte Jenny!  My knees will recover I’m sure.

4 thoughts on “Stone the Croagh

  1. Aww thanks so much Lyndall. Wish I could have been there with you. 💚💚💚 not sure I would have made it to top either! That stony surface looks pretty tricky. Just loving your classic images, simply stunning. Slainte, enjoy. ☘️💚☘️

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  2. Your photos are awesome in the true sense of the word. I am full of awe at the scenery as well as the photography. Looking up to the summit in each of your pics, especially the one with heather (is it?) in the foreground, I can almost understand how people could be inclined towards spiritual thoughts. Only because, for me, these spectacular landscapes take my breath away. Thank you for sharing them.


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