Way Up North -Fabulous Fanad

Some days the words are superfluous.  Yesterday was one of those.  Must be the thought of our final hours in Eire.  Actually it is the excruciatingly slow uploading of images in this remoter wifi area that has steered me on to the path of a minimalist blog to sum up the final days.  So here is a collage of:

.  Misty morning walk for 1.5 hours from the b&b


.  Slow coastal drive to the famous, fabulous Fanad Head Lighthouse


.  Greens #21-25 (yes only 3 would upload)


.  Fort Dunree


So, as with The Flight of the Earls in 1607 who left their starving people behind to fend for themselves (worth another Google), we are leaving our fairy companions and warrior women behind today and heading in to the Orange of the green shade and in to to the Guy/Bowles territory of Portadown in Armagh.


My love for the people and the sights, sites and sounds of Ireland increase with each visit and unlike the Earls, I hope to be back.  Looking for the elusive four-leafed clover in the meantime.

shallow focus photography of four leaf clover
Photo by Djalma Paiva Armelin on Pexels.com


4 thoughts on “Way Up North -Fabulous Fanad

  1. Hi Lyndall
    Just home from my two week Leicester Conference – think two years of psychotherapy in two weeks! Maybe no miles underfoot, but definitely mountains of reflection!!
    I have been without computers, so have just read all your travel comments and admired all your beautiful photographs. Looks like you have had a truly demanding, adventurous and magical time!!!!! Greetings to your chauffeur 🙂
    I don’t have any arrival time for you – do you have details? Will collect you from the airport.
    Till then . . .
    Janette x x

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    • You are certainly a champion re your conference….well done! Murray sends his greetings. I will be flapping my wings on Sat morning via flybe (don’t laugh) and arriving at 9.15 am from Belfast. Salivating already for Glasgow’s offerings and the Tea Rooms, then the other adventures together. Til then xxx


  2. Absolutely stunning photos to match the poignant emotions…all pull at my heartstrings!
    It seems your time in Ireland has been everything you’d hoped for – just magic!
    Im sure you’ll take a little of that fairy dust with you for the rest of your travels.
    Erin go Bragh xxx

    PS Have you read The Good People ..Hannah Kent?
    Safe travels my friend.

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