Belfast – botanical, a bit brash and a bit …..well

Sunshine all day!  Wow, what a difference that made to the feel of Belfast.  The old and the new meld quite well, and Tahe Troubles seem a bit unreal – despite the looming uncertainty of the Brexit outcome.  Surely not a return to the bad old days…..


This stay behind the red door in the student quarter near Queen’s University meant a vibrant view of an unfamiliar area of Belfast, and the smiling realisation that the arts scene was alive and well here.  Bookstores,  the Botanical Garden and bold messages abounded on my walk to the City Centre.

Even found a fairy penthouse!  The focus on recycling and saving the planet from plastic waste was highly visible.

Yes the sunshine definitely helped the mood on the streets – foreign tongues showed the dependency on students and tourists.  The cameras clicking around me were a sure sign of a bouncing Belfast.

Of course there was the planned visit to PRONI…the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, and the genealogist’s excitement of ‘finds’.  Hours of googly-eyed research were enough.


The stroll back to Wellington Park allowed for close-up appreciation of the quirky and the quieter side of a city that had been a tad scary on our first visit.  No longer so!

Well a productive day, a well-earned rest and repacking for a very fond farewell to the Emerald Isle.  So many shades of green and orange and grey and rainbows.  Although I didn’t record 50 shades of green, there were thousands of shades along the way.  I have really enjoyed 3 weeks of fun finds and fantastic views and fairy tales……. I will be back, drawn by the strong genetic bonds and the warmth of the Irish relatives and the mizzling magic.

Slainte my Anam Cara!