Pronounced Marsaschlock, this seaside fishing area attracts crowds upon crowds to its weekend markets and Seafood Sundays.  Yep, I became one of the flock!  The familiarity of the bus stop and route boosted the confidence, and the early pickup stop meant I didn’t have to stand for the 50 minute and 2 changes like the many others who piled on at each stop – the overcast skies obviously were not a deterrent.


Initial impression of M was the huge number of traditional fishing boats in the bright colours, the pleasure craft and the larger fishing boats all crammed in to a relatively small area of water.  Then came the market stalls and the hordes of bargain hunters.


It didn’t take long to realise that the plastic toys, knockoff bags, shoes and sunglasses were not my scene, so I meandered down to the much touted swimming area.  Popular with families who had set up shade covers, picnic tables etc, the water was unappealing, murky and warm.  Passed on a swim.


Much more appealing however, was the array of larger fishing boats, and the fruit and veg stalls.  I had an hour to kill before my lunch booking, so I strolled around the small piazza, and up the hill to the non-harbour view.  The houses here are larger and more garden friendly than in the capital and 3 Cities areas. A few spits of rain for about 3 minutes.

The highlight of this day trip was lunch!  Teronne is a delightful foil to the noise and heat outside.  Its calm and slightly dimmed interior is tasteful and roomy.  Always happy with crisp qhite tablecloths and fresh flowers! Its offer of a 3 x wine tasting for €10 was tempting and the very pleasant and knowledgeable waitress helped me choose.  The menu for Seafood Sunday was a daily printout to ensure only the freshest of catches were planned and presented on the day.  And not a french fry in sight!

Teronne had been recommended to me by J (remember the hostess with the mostest in Glasgow?).  Her friend back in Brisbane Australia is the mother-in-law of Daniel Hili.  Dan’s brother, Adrian, runs Teronne!  Another Aussie connection.  Adrian found me a great table and welcomed me warmly.  The place was booked solid and there was a waiting list.  Such is the standard of the meals and service.

So I chose the seafood risotto for starters and the char grilled mix for main.  Not disappointed one jot!  Good pairings with the wines too.  The anchovie flavoured humus is one I am sure LSM will want to try in his kitchen back home. And isn’t sparkling water just the thing in the Med heat.

It was a wrench to leave and join the throngs again.

Timing for the buses today was perfect.  The direct bus back to my starting stop meant a downhill walk back to the apartment, a cool shower and a chance to read and relax at the end of another Maltese memory….and watch the fireworks of yet another local festival from my balcony.


Tomorrow is a full day of the bus, then ferry, then buses and walks on Gozo Island.  Anticipating a ripper of a day ahead!

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  1. That swimming area does not appeal – not quite Pottsville Beach. What does appeal is the Terrone Restaurant facade, and your usual mouthwatering descriptions of the food.


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