Valletta and Farewell Malta

So glad I visited Valletta over 2 days.  After entering the first time via the ferry from Sliema, this time, my last day in Malta, I rode the bus to the Titons Fountain bus interchange and entered via the imposing road to all things Capital city.


Absolutely was blown away by the Theatre, despite its undergoing major restoration, the architecture and the clear signage.  A very different entrance.


The National Museum of Archaeology was outstanding!  It tied together all the eras, the temples and discoveries that I had found and learnt from over the past 7 days.  To see the original Reclining Woman and the huge carved temple blocks was a real treat.  The quiet atmosphere of the exhibits was in direct contrast to the ever-increasing crowds flocking to the eateries in Merchant St for the local rabbit dishes and half-price cocktails…..neither of which I fancied at 10.30 in the morning.


Instead I ambled my way to the Upper Barrakar Gardens via the Valletta Square and the statue tribute to Jean de Vallette, the chaples and the Military Bookshop.  The subtle colours of the sandstone and limestone and granite were glinting in the very pleasant 32 degree heat of the day.

The Saluting Battery fires off at 12 noon each day and the balconies were filled with tourists itching to see the daily ritual.  The Lascaris War Rooms were on offer, but I dodged the crowds and went to the MUZA art gallery instead.  Lots of contemporary works to challenge the brain cells!

Well my list for Valletta was ticked and my days in Malta were ticking by.  I rode the bus back to Sliema and wandered the local streets for a bit, cleaned out the fridge and packed.  The 3 am alarm to get to the airport shuttle bus on time did its job, and I managed to get to the airport, then to Paris, then the mammoth bus ride around this massive complex of Charles de Gaulle, then to find the boarding gate for the flight to Casablanca and see LSM waiting patiently there for me.  Well done us!


Then it was off to Morocco on a very full Air France flight.  Farewell Malta.  It was a really enjoyable time to be remembered fondly.

4 thoughts on “Valletta and Farewell Malta

  1. Malta looks so interesting. I had no idea! You did an amazing job with transport and directions. I don’t believe you now that you can’t navigate!
    Particularly loved the ‘Reclining Woman’ its a portrait of me atm- great likeness!
    Happy Adventuring! 💚👣


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