Ohboy – Obi

Kondalilla Falls circuit in the National Park was the early morning outdoor gym this morning. For anyone looking for the company of hares, brush turkeys and kookaburras to start the day, then this is a great option. The picnic area sets the scene for the history and characteristics of the National Park with a solid information display board before striding on.

The gentle slope of the walking track leading from the picnic area became a major mountain sized slope on the way back 😂 but boy the variety of vegetation, the pools and the falls made the return trudge bearable.

The first water feature was the Picnic Creek flow and bridge. Then the steps appeared! And more and more steps climbed the inclines along paths of ferns, staghorns and grasstrees leading to the Obi Valley views. There were the most amazing views of the mist and the various colours of the canopy leaves.

Then it was moving on to reach the rockpool section, then the 80 metre drop of the actual Falls. Wow! Needed a mid-return meditation break…OMMM….puffing be gone…..OMMM 😌 😅

Breakfast was really relaxing…..the studio unit at Kondalilla Eco Resort had a very peaceful aspect…….crappy shower though. After mopping the floor and throwing out the sodden toilet rolls, we drove back to the Lillyponds at Mapleton. A much better water experience.

An hour later we were at the Point Pirie lookout at Coolum Beach – sadly the lustre of the beachviews was a bit dulled by the need for the RACQ and a new battery. The service couldn’t be faulted and we were soon on our way to OM’s cousins for a family history lunch and reminesce.

Our airbnb was eventually found and we relaxed before another ‘friends from the past’ catchup. What a surprise to have 50 years dissolve away in seconds. The Coolum Surf Club didn’t really register as a venue because our chatter outvoiced the pokies. Food was typical club fare….but the company was 5 star.

The surf beckons…….but first a toast to our beautiful daughter’s birthday. 🍾

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  1. How lovely to see our local spots through visitors eyes. Beautifully photographed Lyndall. We are often torn between surf snd rainforest. And the lily ponds are perfect for a short spot of exercise. It was so good to catch up with you. Look out fir the koala at Noosa



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