Pooling our resources

Have caught the holiday lazy bug, so instead of a morning walk, I blobbed and laughed out loud at Janet Evanovich’s Twisted 26 – another Stephanie Plum novel. Then of course the hips called out for a bit of excitement, so I created a mini aqua workout in the very mellow lagoon pool. Mighty relaxing! Hips were happy 🤣

Back to the marina for grilled barra for me and mango gelato for OM for lunch and the Sunday markets and live music before we cruised down the river on the ferry to Hastings St and THE beach. The photo of the stall is for you Suzie.

The cruise and the commentary were very interesting and we learnt lots about the migratory terns, the hand feeding of Richard the resident pelican, the reason for the population cap on the Noosa area and saw a wide variety of houseboats and pleasure seekers both in the water and along the banks – particularly along Noosaville foreshore. A great way to get from Tewantin and back!

While waiting for the return ferry, we witnessed a bewildering display of young alpha males of about 18 or so fronting up to younger teens for disrespecting their elders…… as they muat have been 50 years younger than us it was quite hilarious to think they thought of themselves as elders. How times have changed. Don’t you /I cringe even just saying that……🤣

Shade was at a premium at the beach, as were the prices of the top end houses along the river ranging from 8-18 million. The heat was stifling under the beautiful blue sky, but I loved the pandanus and the shadows they threw. Window shopping in the shaded arcades was needed. Sameness everywhere, with much promenading by the well-heeled and the wannabes. But it would be churlish to sneer cynically at what obviously keeps this area’s economy humming along. As this is not a school holiday, albeit a weekend, the numbers of people everywhere must have been quite heartening for business owners.

After so many delicious foodie finds, we both decided a quiet night clinking champagne glasses, nibbling cheeses et al and eating seafood chowder sounded good, so it was off to the seafood market for supplies. Hmm we are wondering what the homemade garlic prawn pie will be like…..

Watching the thousands of flying foxes at sunset on their nightly inland foraging flight reminds us that we too will be heading away from the coast tomorrow and back home to Tba. I will enjoy the last leg of OM driving as I have to head back to Brisbane as the solo driver on Tuesday for a scolding by my skin specialist and don’t really get back home and into routine til Wednesday. The trip is almost over…….but will end where this day began……in the pool.

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  1. You’ve inspired me to travel up that way again soon, especially to visit Tewantin National Park, the Tinbeerwah Lookout, and the Tewantin to Noosa Ferry – actually all of Tewantin looks great. And I’m nuts for nuts so the Yandina Nut Factory calls to me. Drive safely!

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