Railway Street, Toowoomba

As well as the wonderful social enterprise cafe, Emerge, where young people at-risk find themselves and a positive future under Jen Shaw’s derermined leadership, there is the historic and fascinating Railway Station across the road.

Did you know there was an air Air Raid Shelter at the bottom of the steps? Reminds me of my mother’s stories of having to do World War 2 air raid drills at South Girls School with a peg between her teeth in the trenches dug by the fathers.

Exploring the platform; looking across the tracks to the restored Workshops; wondering what to order from the Inbound restaurant menu; or looking at the curiosities in the garden beds might whet the appetite.

If so, then a wander and read of all the historical plaques and landmarks heading towards Russell Street will satisfy your thirst for some of Toowoomba’s history.

Then cross the road to select fresh fruit and vegies from longtime business Betros Brothers or slip next door to Ortem for a delicious bite. Looking for anything bikes, then Bikeline is a friendly place to pedal in to, and now has the the newly opened Cafe de Velo attached. Arlene, the TIC, and the staff, have poured lots of time and energy in to the new venture and the building. It is large enough to compliment the bike tours and the privacy of the colours, crystals and meditation workshops of Uriel’s Temple… http://www.urielstemple.com where she encourages you ‘to take time to turn your light up’.

Still hankering for a touch more nostalgia, then search for hidden treasure at the Antiques store. It might only be a short street, but it has loads of character to explore. Make it a weekend coffee destination and support a local!