Park Yourself in Pittsworth

You could be mistaken for thinking that the smaller communities around Toowoomba were all the same. However the diversity and distinctive look and feel of Pittsworth soon changes that.

Pittsworth amazes with its size, its very interesting main street and definitely its parks. We were spoilt for choice of where to sit and take it all in. We had driven the 30 minutes in pursuit of the renowned Pittsworth Confectionery factory, and the rumour that the softdrink factory was certainly alive and well.

Green spaces, many established and tended by service organisations, are dotted around the town, and showed the community spirit and foresight of keeping space for families and friends to share. The friendly library staff provided maps and ideas of where to visit. Such a great centrally located resource.

Greenery was not only evident in its parks. Pittsworth is home to the Grove Country Gardens Centre where Matt gave us first class service amongst his plant palette of colours – and another seat for soaking up the peace and quiet.

Can’t wait to head back to Pittsworth’s heart in our Seat of Knowledge series to chat to some of the town’s characters, and learn about the Pittsworth past, to highlight its present businesses and take a peak in to its future.

Sadly we were out of luck getting the famous lolly eggs this visit, but we were showered with country hospitality, a look inside the relocated softdrink factory, as well as taking home a supply of Dad’s sarsparilla at Cook’s. A picnic in Centenary Park made up for it though.

The Masonic Lodge

Such a pleasant town – Park Yourself in Pittsworth with us when we return for our Seat of Knowledge series soon.

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  1. I’m impressed with all the greenery – it looks so peaceful and calming. Pittsworth was always our rival when we lived in Millmerran, particularly in sport. The football matches were as serious as State of Origin.
    Shame about the lollies. I really want some now.

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