Gateway to the Bunyas – Quinalow, Maclagan, and Peranga

Quinalow ‘s history can’t really be separate from that of Maclagan or Peranga as they are such close neighbours and the community spirit intertwines. They also form the Gateway to the Bunyas. Together they provide a shared experience for the traveller or the local alike…. a lot to see and a lot of fun.

Maclagan’s convenience store is a quirky stop. A mix of old and new, provisions for tourists and basic items for the locals, and good homestyle takeaways, this store requires a lengthy look.

And the place really bristles with the pride and recognition of the sons of the area whose service is forever remembered.

While the Memorials in the Park at Maclagan holds the names of the servicemen of the district, Greg Daley, the Quinalow Publican, makes sure the ANZAC Day service is alive and well up the road. From very humble beginnings Greg solemnly hoisted the flag on the footpath pole outside the hotel on his own as a Dawn Service personal tribute. Today’s annual community rallying around the flag now shows how much the community appreciates his gesture and it is now a proud community tradition. A service at Maclagan on the previous day brings out the school children to march and respectfully remember and they will hopefully continue to keep the traditions alive.

Maclagan boasts the annual Australian Squeezebox Festival – a hoot for the grey nomads and locals. There are plenty of nearby local historic sites, the Wineries, the Museum and the Alex Campbell Park. Take your pick, then head to chat with Greg and Cheryl a stone’s throw down the road at the Quinalow Pub.

For the history or aviation buffs……no this is not the plane that crashed………..stay tuned for that story in the next blog.

Maclagan is in farming heartland and the local meatworks helps keep the little community alive.

In the other direction from the Quinalow intersection is the road to Peranga. While Quinalow has a great Prep to Year 10 school, the cricket/sporting grounds, mechanic garage and well-maintained library, and shares the facilities above with its Maclagan neighbour, the third prong in the Gateway to the Bunyas is Peranga.

Maclagan has the memorials and Peranga has the burial places. It is a short drive down the road to visit the well-cared for cemetery and to see the Peranga Bowls Club which provides another outlet for the community and special events.

If you have thoughts of satisfying your curiosity about the Bunya Mountains, then plan for a day or two at its Gateway. There are friendly community members on hand to point you in the right direction, and always a friendly yarn, the convenience of a caravan park and a few cold drinks and a great meal at the pub.