Leslie Dam

Not really knowing this hilltop rest area overlooking Warwick’s Lesie Dam, I was pleasantly surprised that it had more to offer than large concrete wall. The carpark and rest area certainly overlook the expanse of the town’s water supply, and while some may might find it a tad underwhelming after a few minutes, it appeals because of the calm, contemplative nature of the water, even if you can’t really comprehend or appreciate the engineering feat behind it.

A wander around the site brought us to the remains of – large concrete blocks which we all tried to guess the purpose behind – construction we believe! Fortunately, as with most publicly funded projects, there was an information board which helped us out in the shelter overlooking the wall.

Though not as inviting a spot for walks, fishing or picnics as others around Warwick, it is an interesting drive close to the Kart Track and the historic Sandy Creek Hotel just a short drive down the road, and the toilets are in good condition.