Could the smile on Morgan’s face have been any wider?

With all the excitement running high at seeing your cricketing hero playing at the Metricon Gold Coast cricket grounds, Morgan couldn’t predict how much more exciting her day was going to get.

At the T20 match where the Australian Women’s Team were playing, Australian Wicket Keeper, Alyssa Healy, her sporting hero, put in a strong athletic effortagainst India to end with a great result, but her wicket keeping gloves were worn out.

Morgan’s day then had sunshine beaming everywhere when Alyssa came to the boundary fence and gave those gloves to this delighted fan at the end of the match. Morgan was emotionally overcome.

Ok, so that’s where this story takes another turn. A champion athlete giving match gear to adoring fans is not so unusual these days, but this champion received more information which lead to something MOST unusual. The woman sitting next to Morgan and her family sent a message to Alyssa sharing how much Morgan had loved and appreciated the gloves.

Alyssa then replied that if they could find the family, and they could come back on the Sunday, she would sign the gloves.

Thanks to emails, finding seat number, contacting the family and extending that invite to return, the dream was about to get better.

You know when your head and heart are pounding in unison and you can’t quite take something in, well that’s what happened. Morgan’s mum was ovetwhelmed by Alyssa’s generosity and the trouble she had gone to.

So it was back to the grounds and the absolute joy of meeting her role model again. Not only did she sign the gloves, but presented Morgan with a personalised signed shirt as well.

What a fantastic gesture on Alyssa’s part. No wonder women’s cricket is gaining such a following, when humility, dignity and the goal of building young girls’s dreams are the principles we see here.

Since that excitement, Morgan has been an even stronger, more determined young wicket-keeping player, as a regional rep and we expect to see her name on an Australian shirt in the not too distant future.

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Thank you Alyssa Healy for all you do!

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  1. Fantastic ! Love on show 💜 Her name says it all, and so does her number ~ for One and All. Thankyou.
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