The Hooper Centre – a handy CBD boost

Yes…..this a blatant plug for my local shopping centre. I have lost count of the times when a last minute item has been found, or a quick bite has saved the day for me. That is particularly true of Shane and Rick at Computer Troubleshooters.

In post-COVID times when cash is becoming less likely to be used, the Hooper Centre has the sought after commodity at its fresh ATM. Its location in the city’s central business parking zone, offers a few unique shops and services, as well as convenient parking and a range of the basic goods and services central Toowoomba workers and local shoppers are seeking.

Bubble Tea is providing delicious tastes in the footpath friendly spot to keep the thirst at bay. When it comes to feeding the hunger pangs, this little centre, once again home to the independent grocer, IGA, provides choices from the Japanese lunch find – Ichi; the Chinese Qi Lin; the quick post-shopping cafe KK’s Eatery or the IG Deli and who can resist the smell of fresh bread from Baker’s Delight?

Prefer to cook at home? Then IGA, The Asian Grocery and Patton’s bulk meat have you covered.

Looking for that perfect outfit for a special occasion? Love me Forever has pre-loved and new fashion for any date. Need the makeup or gift for that outing? Stop in at the Pharmacy and indulge in their gift range.

The Hooper Centre now boasts a 24/7 tanning salon which os self-serve. Bronze up anytime and with the convenience and privacy of this ‘on tap’ service if that is your style. Need a quick hair trim? Barber Boss will fit you in and flatter your look.

Free Choice Tobacconist is there both for your smoking needs – no judgement from me, but……however, their service to convert memories on to dvds warms my family history heart.

Having a medical centre helps local and city centre workers along that part of Toowoomba to keep on top of their health and Choice has cheap and cheerful party and household needs, and the chance of scoring a big win at the newsagent is tempting.

Shopping centres are strategically dotted around Toowoomba, but the Hooper Centre even has a great pop-up plant nursery on Fridays…..and its easy going feel, and range of shops makes it a good place to check out.

Yes, I know there are micro shopping centres opposite both on Hume and Herries streets catering for more gourmet tastes, so they will be highlighted soon as well.

See you there perhaps!

My next exploration is Uniplaza on West Street – very different!