Rescued. Revived. Regifting

When someone reaches a point in their lives when creativity wins out over materialism, then something uplifting seems to emerge. That is what has happened to the creative recycler, B Presents. Having faced a few life-changing challenges on top of the recent COVID 19, construction industry hardships and Queensland flood situations, Ben has re-embraced the artistic and design talents he nurtured as an art student in Townsville, but which were channeled into the design and management side of building projects in Australia, Scotland and PNG over the course of years providing for his family.

With his two teenage children now independent, he has taken a new path on his life’s journey. Turning his carpentry and design skills to good use, Ben saw the waste being placed outside homes during the flood clean-up effort and RESCUED some solid, retrievable pieces.

Choosing the vibrancy of the 1970s, he has created a suite of fun, quirky REVIVED pieces of furniture and small storage items. His use of the warmth of orange is carried through many of his furniture and paintings. From painstakingly restored and repaired pieces taking many hours, to the joy of seeing the final design become a reality, Ben has found a way of bringing joy not only to himself, but to others.

His generous soul turned to REGIFTING these pieces he had designed and worked on for so long. His philosophy is that things that have been pushed aside by others, but have given him a purpose and pleasure, should be regifted to others. While many pieces have already been snapped up by astute buyers, or have been gifted to people in Ben’s orbit, there are other pieces that he is prepared to sell at ridiculous prices to fund the next phase of his life journey – exploring the earth, skies and waterways of nature in the expanse of the Australian Outback in the van that is sporting his creative streak both inside and out.

Quirky, colourful and the very original – you will be lucky, and fun-filled to have such original desks, tables, chairs and boxes in your world. Think how much fun it would be working on one of these chairs in front of the computer.

Plenty of paintings for the walls as well…….and in tune with found objects in nature… wonder these very ‘one of a kind’ pieces are walking out the door fast.

If you are quick, you can text Ben on 0466 441 769 or email to grab a piece or two before Brisbane says farewell.