Humming in Boonah

Having decided on a quiet country drive to Boonah to find a newspaper article framed in a pub hallway with the beautiful KJM for company, it was definitely a good choice on a coolish SEQld winter’s day.

Boonah is a rural jewel in the crown of the Fassifern Valley just a short 30 minute drive from Ipswich. Meandering through the picnic park at Peak Crossing to share the family history of the Forsyth plaques and War Memorials; seeing the fertile farm plains and solid mountains marking the route; and noting the graveyards dotted along the way as remaining tributes to early non-Indigenous settlers made for a very pleasant drive.

Honesty requires me to suggest that the initial impression of the Boonah township is one of central town streets which have become parking pot luck and shops struggling to survive through tough economic and pandemic uncertainty. It was, however, heartening to see a town that acknowledges its history and tips its hat to the past achievements, at the same time as becoming determined to focus on future prosperity.

One of those businesses embracing the contemporary food revolution in wholesome, down to earth fare is the Hummingbirds cafe. It had been recommended, so we wandered down the main street past the predictable small town businesses, including the dress shop with an eye-catching window model with the biggest head we had ever seen. Once we rounded the corner and saw the crisp sign and the inviting entrance, we knew the recommendation had been spot on.

The Hummingbirds has a diverse menu offering plenty of dietary choice and both lunchtime savoury offerings and treats for the sweet-toothed. While waiting for our orders there was time to browse the bulk food and organic range, and a chance to take in the inspiring words of wisdom and food facts dotted on the walls.

Food, service and smiles were all plentiful, and the time flew. Nice one Hummingbirds Cafe!

And yes, we found the article which related to a familiar area in Ipswich, and were happy to snap a record of it to use in our further research. The gentille entrance to the Ladies toilet was also a fun find.

Perhaps this jewel could do with a gentle polish, but Boonah is certainly worth the drive!

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  1. Just wondering about the newspaper article about the Ugarapul elders. Do you have any idea when that may have been published? It’s a great article. Also, Boonah has one of the best little country art galleries around.


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