When you live in a relatively conservative large regional centre, and are of an age where senior concession cards are a bonus, it can be quite confronting in that moment when you realise that the place you thought was Heaven’s Waiting Room is actually populated in 2022 by an enormous number of creative alternates! KAPOW! It is a heart thumping moment of confusion, enlightenment and curiosity and then a cackle of joy bursts out!

Maybe it’s the venue? Maybe it’s the quirky members of these newest cooperative space sharers. Maybe it’s the sense of anticipation as you climb the stairs to the space above the great coffee makers at Copper Bench in 424 Ruthven Street. Maybe it’s the decor. Maybe it’s the smile on Haley’s face!

KAPOW! It’s all of the senses combined!

Haley Jane has brought her skills in hospitality, design, beauty craft and relationship building to this moment in this amazing business space.

Launching this Thursday on the significant first day of Spring – 1 September from 4-6pm, KAPOW is bringing a vibrancy to the Toowoomba creative arts scene that will knock your socks off. What a fun way to welcome the legendary Spring Carnival. KAPOW is a carnival on its own!

You are looking for something fresh and original? Tried house plants and terreriums – and failed? Here is the delightful never-die solution…..Your search is over. Come in and check it ALL out!

Haley Jane has the credentials, the cosy, credited beauty nook and the guiding hands to have brought all these creatives together. Her journey has been a varied one. Overcoming personal challenges has given her the core strength to tackle this with gusto and a determination to succeed wholeheartedly. KAPOW it is! Brow it is!

Never had a brow experience? What luck….there are opening specials! The brows have it!

Julie has the bling in spades. There is no hiding in the corner with Kaftans with Bling. Eye-catching and one-off pieces bring Julie from her online home business into the CBD spotlight. Slinky silk, colours which compliment any mood or event, and a bubbly ‘fascinator’ take on life with gusto – that’s Julie!

It is a treasure trove of delights. From NecroMousery’s recycling and giving tiny creatures a new lease on life; to the stunning spirit of gems and jewellery; the paintings of many artists; boudoir attire to seduce your smile; the opportunity to have private photoshoots; the calming crystals to the NOTORIOUS wall art…….and much, much more – this space packs a mighty punch! KAPOW!

Are your senses buzzing yet?

If you can’t make it to the launch this Thursday, then you can saunter into sensory surrounds anytime……and KAPOW……you will be entranced!